Beyond Abuse Face Fucking

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Dumb 18 year old blonde showed up to take on two dicks--both literally and metaphorically. You can only guess the outcome, but of course I will give you a few tidbits to the angry masturbators. There is something fantastic about having a hot, submissive warm mouth on the end of your rod. It#39;s like fishing, and you know whatever it is on the end of your hook is a trophy catch. Reeling it in is always another story as there is a lot of instinct and skill to net a catch like this, but like any good angler will tell you, let the rod tire them out and wear them down. That is what happened. This piece of meat was bludgeoned by two dicks over and over until she knew and understood well that her position on earth, the core of her existence is to take cocks like an automaton with a great pair of knockers. This scene is great. It has all the elements of greatness, and when all was said and done, more was done than said; the Facial Abuse way, and not by some hack pretending, but by true artists of the craft.

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